Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Holiday week - big walks!

This week Mum and Dad are not going to work - they call it a 'staycation' but really it's just because the weather forecast was pants for the Lake District where we were going to go. So we get to stay home and go out for walks coz the weather at home is great! Today we did a massive walk along some nice paths and I got a little swim too.
My legs were tired when we got home but it was a great day...

Recent antics!

Well I don't seem to have blogged since I was 'dog of the week' so I thought I'd better update you all...

Uncle Nige and Aunty Karen got a new puppy - there seems to be new puppies everywhere! He is a Border crossed with a Norfolk terrier and he is called Eddie (the great). Dad thinks he looks a bit like I did when I was just a pup and Mum just thinks he's FAB! (She's a sap when it comes to puppies!).
I've been having fun around the fields locally while the harvest has been going on - there has been lots of straw piled up to jump over and then there were bales to have mini adventures around. I love harvest time coz I get to go into the fields that have been full of wheat and Mum doesn't shout at me once it's been cut down (she gets worried that I might get lost in the long wheat before it gets chopped off).

I've also been walking with Brodie and Promise, afterwards Promise came to my house for a rest and she found my bed the most comfortable place as usual!! She's so cheeky but we love her :-) Mum tried to take a picture of Brodie but he is such a wiggler that she gave up in the end.