Monday, 26 March 2012

Some good advice..

Here is some good advice about dogs in hot weather.

It has been very hot today in Yorkshire and so Mum did finally get round to stripping me... it's a thing she has to do at least once a year coz I look like Shrek and I am very hot.  Pictures laters....


  1. Herlo Mr Mo!! My name is Posie n I too iz a borderr terrioarr! Oh my gooderyness, i iz so eksited kus I haz just been bloggin fur a weekk or so n I haz just happind upon yoor blogg!! I thot I had fownd mosst o da borderr terriors out therr, but now I haz fownd u too! Yeah!!! Lovv n lickys, Posie xox

  2. I was thinking about stripping Zack's coat as he is starting to look like a hyena. He only seems to grow long hair on his withers and down his back - he looks so funny - but we keep getting a spring snow storm so I am holding off for a while. Soon tho, very soon.

  3. Hi Mo. Long time no see. Excellent advice. We keep a Dont Cook Your Dog linky on our blog so we dussnt get cooked.