Friday, 24 August 2007

A long walk and some camping!

My Dad decided that he wanted to go off backpacking this year. So he sold our big tent and bought us a teeny weeny tent and some spanking new light weight gear. He spent ages on the tinterweb thingy trying to find out what was good and what was not so good and what wasn't so heavy. I had to laugh though coz him and Mum still had massive rucksacks and they looked really heavy!
We went up to the Lakes and met Uncle Sammy and Aunty Pen. Mum made me wear some pyjamas so I wouldn't get cold!

The next day we did a really long walk and then we camped again up in the hills next to a tarn, it was ace!

It was a bit cold during the night and it was very windy - so I decided to sleep on Mum's pillow, I don't think she minded too much.
The next day we went for an even bigger walk up some right big hills and there was some bits where I was nearly rock climbing.
I got a bit told off for getting too fast on the way down,
I think Mum was a bit tired!

I hope we can go again next year.