Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gone Fishing.... with Kurtis!

Today Dad went fishing with his mates; Andy Foot, Kev and Kurtis. Now, I've never met Kurtis before so after I'd helped Mum with the gardening (she needed me to help rearrange my toys round the lawn and to bite some sticks up) I decided I ought to go round to the pond and see if Dad was catching big fish and meet Kurtis.

They were all having a good time and had caught some fish despite the wind being in the wrong direction and the sun being too shiny (and other such fisherman's excuses!). Kurtis is really ace, he's a small human and belongs to Uncle Kev. He really, really, really likes dogs and most animals except cats coz he's allergic and they're pesky. Mum let Kurtis take me for a walk (she came too to show him the way), and I was amazing coz I didn't shout at the cars going over the bridge (I was showing Kurtis how cool I am) and I found a half a football - well I always say half a ball is better than none.
We went back to the fishing and Kurtis caught a small perch and I licked it before he put it back - he thinks I'm crazy but it's what I like to do.. just lick 'em and put 'em back.
Mum took Kurtis to see the chickens and while we were there Uncle Ian let him take Brody and Promise up the field....I waited in the car and supervised from there! Brody gave Kurtis a bit of a run around but I think he enjoyed it anyway (Brody was so fast Mum couldn't even get him on the photo - so here are a couple with Kurtis and Promise on).

Hope Kurtis comes to our place again sometime, I think he's really good fun.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Brody can swim!!

This is a bit of a retro-blog coz it happened about a fortnight ago.... I went fishing with Mum and Dad and Uncle Ian. Dad and Uncle Ian started fishing and Mum said she'd take me and Brody for a walk first to make sure we didn't get giddy.

Any way, we walked up the canal and I always like a swim at a certain place so I was busy getting ready for a dip when busy body Brody muscled in on the scene. He's only just gone a year old so he hasn't had a proper swim yet even though he practices a lot in Uncle Ian's pond (Aunty Barbara goes mad coz she thinks that he'll scare the fishes and coz he gets stinky and runs in the house!).

Any ways - here is a little film of Brody swimming round in a circle.

By the way, Mum never got to do fishing coz when Brody finished swimming there had been a flippin big barge on the canal and it spoilt the fishing - Dad was fuming!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Been on short jollyday

Hello to you blog friends! I have been on a short easter jollydays wiv Mum and Dad in our caravan. It's new and bigger and shinier than the old one!! I did have more space to stretch out and it was really cosy - one night I even managed to sleep under their bed!

We did go for some nice walks everyday, not far and not up big hills but Dad really needed to chill out coz he's been hectic at work.

Any ways, we had a nice time and even Uncle Ian and Aunty Barbara did come over and see us one evening coz we wasn't far from home - that was good coz I got extra fusses :-)