Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Shake n Vac!!

Ha Ha! Mum decided to 'spruce' me up... She went shopping and bought some lily of the valley Shake n Vac to freshen up my rug. It's that time of year when I spend a fair bit of time toasting myself in front of the fire and so it does tend to make my rug a bit wiffy! She came home from shopping and sprinkled it all over the rug then went upstairs to get on with some work in the office.

She thought I'd ignore the scented powder but I decided to have a roll in it!! She did laugh when I was rolling about in it. Anyway she gave me a good brush then vacuumed it all off the rug - it did the trick and it's not wiffy now!!

Later on when we were out walking she was still chuckling coz she kept getting a wiff of me - I do smell gorgeous!!!