Sunday, 18 December 2011

Winter advice for doggies..

Mum's lovely friend Linda sent this link today, it's all about making sure we doggies are safe and sound during the winter time.  Linda is very clever lady who helps naughty doggies to be nice (she actually trains their hoomans to be good, but she doesn't tell them that!).

Any ways, have a read of these tips....
Winter Doggies Tips

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wow! This dude is what I call a dude....

Am finkin that I needs to do more trainin till I'm as clever as this little guy.....

Friday, 18 November 2011


So, who of yous misters is doing moustache thing for mens health charities?

I thought I'd give you a little encouragement and show you how a proper Mo should be....

Ok, so this was taken last year but hey, if you got it flaunt it!! for more info on how to support the charity.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Are you scared or fierce?

Well, my friends, it's been a while since my typist has been able to blog for me.  But we thought it was important to do this blog as it's that time of year when some of us dogs get a bit hot under the collar about scary goings on.  Not me though, coz I am fierce and brave!
Mum's friend is a clever lady who does work for Bark Busters and they have a very important message about scaries, so I asked Mum to put it on my blog... here it is...

Tame the Halloween Fright with
Bark Busters Dog Safety Tips

Halloween is intended to scare and startle us but this can make it a spooky time for dogs, too. By being more sensitive to dogs’ fear-driven ‘fight or flight’ instincts, we can help keep our furry friends safe this Halloween.
Halloween brings a fun time for most of us, but for some of our much-loved pets Halloween can be a nightmare.  Dog owners may not be able to control external surroundings, but they can care for their dog’s safety and well being by observing the following tips:
Bring your dog indoors. Even if you have a fenced garden, bring your dog inside where he cannot be harmed or overwhelmed by little ghouls and goblins. If he is an outside-dog, bring him in a few times before the big night to get him comfortable with being indoors. Remember, some dogs may try to protect the family from strangers, and on Halloween there will be plenty of strangers knocking at your door.
Keep your dog restrained. If your dog is timid or scared, or if he tends to love people a little too much, put him in a separate room away from the front door. This will limit his excitement, aggression or chance of running outside and getting lost or injured.

Reassure your dog but don't over do it. If your dog seems to feel unsettled by Halloween activities, just act as normally as possible. By over-reassuring your dog or giving him extra attention, you inadvertently can communicate to him that there must be something to worry about. 

Have your dog get used to costumes. Your dog may regard his family members as strangers once they don their Halloween costumes. Before the kids put them on, allow your dog to scent the costumes. Keep masks off at all times while your dog is around.
Check your dog’s ID Tag. Be sure identification tags are secure on your dog’s collar—just in case.
Keep chocolate and sweets away from your dog. Many sweets – especially those containing chocolate or xylitol, an artificial sweetener – are toxic to dogs. Problems can range from a mild upset tummy to vomiting and diarrhoea, or even death in extreme cases. For your dog’s safety, be sure to keep all sweets and their wrappers well away from him.   
Protect your dog from candles and pumpkins. Agitated or excited dogs (and their swinging tails) can easily knock over a lit candle or pumpkin. Keep such items out of your dog’s reach, or consider using a battery-powered candle that does not burn.   
Think twice about dressing your dog in a costume. While some dogs may enjoy being dressed up, many don’t. Experiment first to see if your dog likes being in a costume. If he shows any resistance, don’t do it.
Consider carefully and be prepared. Think carefully about taking your dog with you on trick-or-treating rounds. You may unintentionally instil a new fear of strangers in him, creating a wariness that could last for a long time. If you do take your dog, keep a firm grip on his lead. Dogs do not understand that the person jumping out at you will not hurt you; they often think they can only help you by acting aggressively.
Neither children nor adults in costumes should approach a dog without the owner’s consent.

Tame the Halloween Fright with Bark Busters Dog Safety Tips

Monday, 25 July 2011

Anyone for a puppy?

Today Mum got a message from her friend Anne who has got a litter of puppies, there are three girls left and I said I'd give them some space on my blog.

They are English Springer Spaniels.  Please don't contact me or my mum, please contact Anne direct if you are interested - the number is at the bottom.   Fanx for lookin'

Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer Holiday in Norfolk :-)

So, we just went on our summer holidays to Norfolk.  We went to a new caravan site that we hadn't been to before. Mum and Dad were excited coz there was a big fishing lake for them to go fishing on.  I was excited coz there was lots of new trees for pee-mails! (I stole that phrase from my friend Mr Marley).  I worked really hard all week to make a thistle flower by giving a pee-mail every morning and every night.. it didn't work though :-(  I wasn't that excited that the 'rules' say that I have to be on my lead at all times...

here I am guarding the guy ropes of the awning

I was very happy to get a pig's ear for a treat though!

yummy piggy ear!

We had such a good time as you can see from the slide show.  The bestest kept secret ever about Norfolk was that beach, there were only about 3 other hoomans on it and one other doggy.  Mum didn't get a picture of her but she was a sleek italian greyhound.  I had such a great time running about lots and jumping in and out of the sea fetching lumps of seaweed.

We also had a grand old walk on the last day .. mmm, it was supposed to be four and a half miles but as time went on Mum and Dad couldn't quite find the markers (they didn't do any pee-mails!) and we ended up wandering and walking for a nice long while.  Eventually we found our way and it was a great walk with nice countryside and everything and we were all dog tired when we got back.

Happy holidays!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Don't forget your broomstick!

Here is my lovely girlfriend Promise with Pendle hill in the background. For you blog friends who don't know about Pendle, it's a famous place in north of England where the last witch was burned... eek!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Life's a beach!

Am having a great holidays here in Norfolk, the sea is warm on my paws and the sun is shining.  Wish u was here!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Nice weather for lizards!

Hi my friends,
so I was finkin that it's nice weather if you are a lizard.  I do be lovin the summer though, we have some nice walking and I just like lazin around.
That's it for now, just wanted to give you all some summer lovin'.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The sun came out eventually!

It was so rainy this morning that we had to walk round the block.  Later this afternoon the sun came out so mum took me down the lane to the ings, she was busy taking photos of poppies but I just wanted to run!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Promise - she's a wonder dog!

Hey friends and followers!  Today I am pleased to announce that Promise has a blog of her own.

You can find her at I am sure that you'll enjoy her poetry and stories, so why not have a look and if you like it you could follow her.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another BIG Walk..

Dad arranged for us to go on a big walk with some of his new friends (he got a new job and so has some new friends to introduce me to).  They were all doing this BIG walk for a charity, we couldn't do all of the walk coz Dad has got 'cronky old toes' that don't go more than 10 miles!  So we decided that we would do some of it. It was over three very big hills and we did the first one.
Anyways, we got to the meeting place and there were loads of people....Someone important was talking to the masses, so I tried to get a good view...
I was having no luck, so I just decided to stand about and look like I knew what was going on (fink this is what Dad does at work!!).

see me looking like I am understanding what is going on!
Here is Dad looking 'corporate'!

After we had finished our bit of the BIG walk I got some nice 'noms' and Dad got a cuppa!

Cheers Dad!  Fanx for a nice day to all the nice peoples at Dad's work!

Important footnote:  My Aunty Jilly Willy Woo and Uncle Matty also did the same BIG Walk but on a different day, they raised some money for Help for Heroes - if you want to donate to this brilliant cause then you still can  FANX !

New friend and old...

Well, it's been a bit since I managed to blog - it's my typists fault, she has been so busy.  Mind you, in between being busy we've been on some nice little holidays.

So, first of all it was Easter and we did go to a new caravan site called Conifer Lake.  They have a fishing lake (with conifers round it!), I did meet a nice new friend called Bryn.  Bryn is a boxer like my cousin April only he is massively much bigger and 
Handsome Bryn

after a swim..
Bryn trying to catch up with me..
Some other things that changed... my Uncle Ian went to overseas for a whole month and so Promise went to live with my Grandma.  She liked it so much that she's going to live with Grandma for ever!  She came to stay here for a few days to help out the typist when she was sooo busy and had to go to 'that London'.  It's cool having a sleep over and so I gave her and Grandma lots of licks.
Promise being cosy at my house!
You might also notice that since my last blog post I have had my summer hair style and I no longer look like an exploded cushion! 

Monday, 14 March 2011

I am a mountaineer!

Am finking...
On Saturday I did wonder why Mum only took me round the 'small block' for our morning walk, I finks to myself... "mmm is Saturday, we always go down the fields with Dad on a Saturday, what is going on?".  Well, then I noticed that the rucksacks were out and the boots, and the flask of coffee and the little special bag with my 'noms' in it.... Somefink is happening here.
We went in the car for a really long way, then when we got there we just went to a cafe and sat outside, I am finking again "mmm, is not very exciting sitting here by this cafe..."
Then I sees another car, in it was my Aunty Jilly Willy Woo, Uncle Matty, Cousin April the dog and my Grandma Keighley!!!!!  I am now finking "Wow, all them people have come too!".

So, we gets giddy for a bit and I woofed and did some running about and licks and stuff, then we sets off for a WALK!  Yay, mmmm...... not too far, just over a railway line then stopped! am finking "mmm wots goin on here again...?" Then a TRAIN came and we all got on, it was really exciting... then we all got off again, and then the WALK began!
Setting off for a big WALK!

We did walk for ages and up a really, really big hill called Ingleborough.  It is one of the three peaks of Yorkshire.  My Aunty Jilly Willy Woo and Uncle Matty are going to walk all three of them in one go in May.. they are doing it for charity to get lots of moneys for the Hero chaps... Help for Heroes.  I fink that they are brilliant for walking them all in one go coz it's a really, really, really long way and they will be very tired for certain.

Uncle Sammy has no pants on!
Anyways, back to our walk.... we were almost at the top and guess who we bumps into?  Uncle Sammy, he had been too late for the train and so he decided that coz he is the young boy super fit dude that he would run up the hill and meet us on top!  My Mum couldn't believe it coz it's a really long way and very big hill - he is funny coz he didn't have any trousers on, just shorts and it was cold!  Even I put on my coat and I hates wearing it!

it was cold enough for me to wear my coat!
April looking the height of fashion xx
Mum doing a special 'on the top of the hill' dance!
It was a brilliant day, everyone enjoyed it and we all had some nice 'noms' to keep us going, the hoomans got some special noms from Grandma Keighley, Mum says fanx for them!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Today it is my birfffday and I am seven.. Mum says she can't believe it!  So, I got a card from my cousin April, I opened it myself (of course) - you can see how good I am at opening cards in the picture - and I got a card off Mum and Dad.  April also sent me some rilly nice noms (wot I am eating out of my bowl in the picture) - fanx April am sending you lots of licks in return.

Mum and Dad didn't buy me a pressy, instead they let me have some real roast chicken which was a treat coz I don't get human food every day.  We went for a nice walk this morning and we met the lovely girls - they are all black labs and they live with their Dad, their names are (in age order); Fern, Inca, Teal and Pippa... Teal and Pippa are babies and they are about 5 months old.  Inca always jumps up and kisses Mum on the chin, Fern is old and she's graceful and the puppies are wanting to play with me all the time so I have to run about so they don't hassle me.

Later on this afternoon after I had done a lot of resting I had a walk with just Mum (coz Dad was doing some resting with some zzzzz's on the sofa!), I chased a rabbit but it got away under some bushes.  It was rainy so we walked really quickly and got home so we could get warm and dry.... and I could have some more noms!

Any ways it was nice to have a birffday on a Sunday, oh and Happy Birffday for yesterday for my Dad!!  (he wasn't seven)...

Saturday, 22 January 2011

3 amigos!

Me, Promise and Brodie