Friday, 4 June 2010

Funny Business....

Mmm when we got back from our caravan weekend there was something funny going on with my toys...
Fink they have been having a good time - naughty teddy moo moo and teddy small ted!

Bank Holiday!

Been to a new caravan site with Mum and Dad. Aunty Shell and Uncle Mark came too with their doggies... they've got 3 doggies now!! They still got Millie, then they got Barney and now they got Molly. Molly is another rescued lab who was abandoned, she had a few problems but it's nothing that Aunty Shell can't sort out! She had a special sock on her front paw coz she broke a toe when she ran for a ball really fast and skidded - she's silly but it's mending now... I gave her a special 'Mr Mo mending lick'.

We went for some ace walks. The place was called Skipwith and it was not very far from where we live so that was good coz I didn't have to stay in the car for long. There is a place called 'Skipwith Common' and there were some funky looking cows (Mum said they were long horn cows, probably coz they had long horns!). Mum noticed that some of their horns were pointy up and some were pointy down, she mentioned this to Dad and he said it was coz of the weather - fink Mum believed him but we won't tell her!!

On Sunday it was Millie's birthday, Mum made her a card from me and I gave her a packet of Doggy do-nuts... she's special coz no-one gets their paws on my doggy do-nuts usually!

Anyway, we had a nice weekend - hope we can do it again soon.

here are some pics of us doggies..