Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mum looked after Promise

Promise is my Uncle Ian and Aunty Barbara's dog, she has starred on my blog before... Uncle Ian was a meany and went off up to Scotland and only took his puppy, Brody, with him and left Promise at home. Any way my Mum loves Promise and said she would take her for walks to help out. We had some nice walks and some damp and soggy walks! My favourite walk was down the long lane, it was very sunny on Saturday and there were lots of puddles from the rain on Friday. Promise loves to jump about in the puddles and Mum thought it was really funny! It gave me chance to disappear into the long grass while she was watching Prom's antics - ha ha!

When we got back we were really pooped out and Promise nicked off with my bed - being the gent I let her! She thought it was a sleep over but she went home later on and I finally got to go in my own bed.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

April came to play...

My cousin April came for the afternoon, it was ace. She's only a puppy and she can run really fast already. She's not been out much coz she's only just had all her jabs. Aunty Jilly brought some cool toys, me and April both got a squishy piggy each - hers was pink and mine was brown. We ran and ran round the garden until April was pooped out and she had to have a sleep.
Then she went to visit her doggy mummy who lives near here. I had a rest while she was gone, but she came back later!! We ran round and round again!

I can't wait to have more runs about with her, she thinks she'll be able to boss me when she gets bigger but she'll have to catch me first!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

I went on a Cruise!

On Saturday my Grandma Keighley had a BIG birthday - I think she said something about getting a bus pass! Anyway she let me go on her cruise on the canal. We all went to Skipton to get on a big boat called a barge, it's bigger than our little fishing boat and it had a downstairs and a kitchen. There was lots of food about, I could sniff it, but it was all that 'human' food stuff so I didn't get any. Aunty Jilly brought me some chews and treats... Uncle Matty brought my cousin April!!

We had a right old party and all the grown ups seemed to enjoy themselves, me and April had fun too. She's only such a puppy and it was her very first outing into the big world, she got tired and had some sleeps but she was allowed to go on the bank for a bit and we walked along together. Uncle Matty rescued a wooly woof that had escaped, I wanted to help but Mum said it wasn't a good idea.
It was mostly sunny and nice but at one point it really rained hard and Mum made me stay downstairs - April was asleep and I wanted to help Daddy who got soaked trying to tie the boat up.
Happy Birthday Grandma! xxx