Sunday, 24 August 2008

A Big Walk...

Today I went for a massive walk with Mum, Dad and Uncle Sammy. We went somewhere called Bleaklow in the Peak District and it was a long way.It only rained a bit on the way up but after dinner the sun came out and it was grand.I climbed on some rocks and then later Mum let me be off the lead for a bit coz there were no 'wooly woofs' about. Check out Mum and Dad's blog site for all the details of the actual walk and all the photos. Here's one of me sniffing out Mum's packed lunch!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Chillin' in Cheshire

Mum and Dad had to go to a wedding party and I wasn't allowed to go with them coz I might have been a bit too giddy. So, Mum found this really ace place for us to stay and I got a new friend called Millie - she's lovely.

I also got a new 'Aunty' and 'Uncle' - Ruth and Steve, they're cool! They made me feel right at home and took great care of me. Steve had a poorly hand after he'd been 'sorting out' the lawn mower, so I gave him lots of licks!

We stayed at Primrose Cottage B&B (, it's a really great place to stay coz it's in the countryside and they've got chickens.

At first Millie was a bit scared of me coz I'm a bit giddy but she soon told me it was OK to go close to her so long as I didn't try any funny business! I went for a walk with Millie down by the river and Steve let me run around, Millie is a retired greyhound and she can run faster than me, she tired me out!

Mum and Dad came back after the party (think Dad was a bit drunk!) Dad had been worrying about whether I'd been good or not - he's always worrying about me! I slept downstairs with Millie and in the morning we went for another walk. Millie gets to have leftover sausages and black pudding and all sorts! (Mum won't let me have any coz I might get fat). It was a great weekend and I love chillin' in Cheshire, thanks Steve, Ruth and Millie!

Some of my Mates...

I just asked Mum to put some piccies of my bessie mates on my blog.
I've made friends with so many dogs and here are just a few of them....

First off, there's Toby a Jack Russell who I met down the fields and see quite regularly, he's about the same age as me.

This is Jasper (he's an English Pointer), he used to live in my house! he lives further down the village now with his Mum (Ann) and Dad (John).

Here's little old Sammy (she's a Border/Lakeland cross and she's really, really old) and her Dad is Nige - he goes fishing and shooting with Dad. Nige has a cool tattoo of Sammy on his leg.
Here's Toby (Big Mate) and Milly! They've starred on my blog before.

I didn't get to meet these two up close coz they looked a bit fierce, but I asked Mum to take a piccie of them on their trike coz it's cool.

Millie is my latest friend, she's lovely - you can find out more on my other blog posting 'Chillin in Cheshire'

Sadly this year 2 of my good mates have gone to Dog Heaven... Ben (the Labradoodle) who was my first friend and showed me all the best sniffs in Croda, and Rags (the Lurcher) who was good at running round the fields. Miss you guys.
Also Naomi (Siamese) the cat from next door - I know I used to want to chase you but it's sad that you've gone too.