Monday, 14 March 2011

I am a mountaineer!

Am finking...
On Saturday I did wonder why Mum only took me round the 'small block' for our morning walk, I finks to myself... "mmm is Saturday, we always go down the fields with Dad on a Saturday, what is going on?".  Well, then I noticed that the rucksacks were out and the boots, and the flask of coffee and the little special bag with my 'noms' in it.... Somefink is happening here.
We went in the car for a really long way, then when we got there we just went to a cafe and sat outside, I am finking again "mmm, is not very exciting sitting here by this cafe..."
Then I sees another car, in it was my Aunty Jilly Willy Woo, Uncle Matty, Cousin April the dog and my Grandma Keighley!!!!!  I am now finking "Wow, all them people have come too!".

So, we gets giddy for a bit and I woofed and did some running about and licks and stuff, then we sets off for a WALK!  Yay, mmmm...... not too far, just over a railway line then stopped! am finking "mmm wots goin on here again...?" Then a TRAIN came and we all got on, it was really exciting... then we all got off again, and then the WALK began!
Setting off for a big WALK!

We did walk for ages and up a really, really big hill called Ingleborough.  It is one of the three peaks of Yorkshire.  My Aunty Jilly Willy Woo and Uncle Matty are going to walk all three of them in one go in May.. they are doing it for charity to get lots of moneys for the Hero chaps... Help for Heroes.  I fink that they are brilliant for walking them all in one go coz it's a really, really, really long way and they will be very tired for certain.

Uncle Sammy has no pants on!
Anyways, back to our walk.... we were almost at the top and guess who we bumps into?  Uncle Sammy, he had been too late for the train and so he decided that coz he is the young boy super fit dude that he would run up the hill and meet us on top!  My Mum couldn't believe it coz it's a really long way and very big hill - he is funny coz he didn't have any trousers on, just shorts and it was cold!  Even I put on my coat and I hates wearing it!

it was cold enough for me to wear my coat!
April looking the height of fashion xx
Mum doing a special 'on the top of the hill' dance!
It was a brilliant day, everyone enjoyed it and we all had some nice 'noms' to keep us going, the hoomans got some special noms from Grandma Keighley, Mum says fanx for them!