Monday, 12 November 2007

A walk on Brid beach...

Sometimes when Mum goes to work it's a bit of a bummer coz I have to stay at home on my own. Today Mum took me with her - it was ace. She had to go to a meeting and I had to wait in the car (don't worry I was OK coz it was a chilly day and she left the car in the shade anyway and the window open a bit).
The meeting was in Bridlington! So after we went for a bit in the car and I thought we were going back home, then we got out and we were at the beach! We walked and ran a bit and I chased my ball - I got to play with the squeeky one for a bit but then the sea got in it and it stopped squeeking so Mum gave me the red one with legs.
I had an ace time running about and paddling a bit (it was a bit too cold to swim in the sea I can tell you so I just got my paws wet). It was a really sunny day and I found some stuff to sniff at on the beach too - there was a big crab shell and a dead seagull, Mum told me not to sniff that.
There were lots of other dogs on the beach but I didn't go meet any of them coz they all looked busy and I didn't want them to get my ball.
I hope I can go again next time Mum has a meeting in Brid.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

A nice day for a drive out!

Today Dad took me and Mum for a drive out in Mum's spitfire. It was the first time I had been in the car for ages, last time it backfired and I nearly ran all the way home! Anyway it was a nice sunny day and Mum said it would be good to go for a spin, so off we went. I had to get wrapped up in one of my fleece coats because they insist on having the roof down and I didn't want to get a chill - it's all right for them with their hats and gloves. There is a little seat behind Mum and Dad's for me to sit on and they put my special harness on and make sure I'm fastened to the roll bar for when Dad goes right fast round bends!

Mum forgot to take the camera so there aren't any pictures of me today but here's a picture of Dad driving the spitfire before.

Oh, we did stop on the way home for a nice walk along the Selby canal, we only saw 3 other dogs though so not much sniffing to be done.