Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My Latest Holiday!

(This is me on top of Tryfan (a very big mountain))

Mum and Dad just took me to Welsh Wales for a week in the caravan. We had some antics...

First off, on the very first day there I got two new girlfriends.. A border terrier called Molly and a miniature schnauzer called Ella - they were both puppies and I loved them (not quite as much as Mum loved them, but I loved them). They had two Dads and unfortunately they had to go home the next day, I wish they'd hung around a bit longer. (I didn't get any pictures of them but their Dads said they might e-mail some to me.....)

There were some cows in the field right outside our caravan door, I tried to be aloof..... (I was more interested in the Wooly Woof Sheeps anyway).

(This is me not being interested in cows!)

We did a few nice walks, some were harder than others and a few times I did some climbing - it was ace!

(me and Mum on top of Arenig Fawr - another big hill)

I went swimming a few times - I love swimming and it's such fun when it's a big lake and Dad always chucks some sticks in for me (Mum throws like a girl, so I always let Dad do it). I had a bit of a 'surprise' swim one day too; we were on the top of a big hill and there was this lovely pool with moss all round it - I thought that I could 'rescue' a big rock which was stuck in the middle so I jumped straight in!! It was very deep right at the edge (the rock, as it turned out, didn't need rescuing after all - it was quite OK being an island!).

I also had a fab day out in Barmouth - there's a great beach there and I love digging in the sand. I found a great stick and tried to hide it again and again, oh what fun!!