Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's a busy life...

This is Brody - he's blurred coz he never sits still!

I've been busy since before Christmas helping Mum to walk Promise and Brody every morning. We've been taking them with us each day because Uncle Ian got himself bionic - his ankle is plastic now!! Coz of this big operation he has been stopping indoors and watching telly and not coming out walking or fishing or anything.
Mum has been rushing about tangling us all up every morning and trying to keep up wiv me and Brody coz we run really fast round the fields. Brody is brilliant at finding where the birds are hiding and making them fly up into the sky, Promise is brilliant at finding old potatoes and eating them (stinky girl)! She's also really good at finding water and spinning round and round in it.
Uncle Ian is getting really better now and he is walking about more, he's still watching telly but he can walk round the field now and soon he'll be zooming about on his bike and going fishing wiv me Dad! It's great to go to Ian's and play about wiv Promise and Brody...some days Buster comes too - that's Buster down there....we get up to all sorts of stuff - don't tell Mum but I sometimes go on the sofa and I'm not allowed to at home!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Mr Mo's top tips for freezing weather....

Tip 1) keep your hair on!
If you are a border terrier (like what I am) make sure that your Mum doesn't get twitchy fingers and strip out your hairy hair. Despite the fact that I look a bit like an exploded yard brush (see above!) I am toasty warm in my thick winter hair. If you are a spaniel (like what Brody is) or a westie (like what Bridie is) then make sure that your Mum doesn't clip or trim you - keep toastie warm in your winter fur! If you are a boxer (like what cousin April is) or a Labrador (like what Promise, Millie and Barney are), then you need to do tip3.

Tip 2) treats are good!
If you can manage it, get as many extra treats as you can... especially pigs ears and Markies - they are yummy and give you extra energy. If you can, get yourself an Uncle Ian like mine - he is great at giving treats! WARNING - try not to eat human food though coz it makes dogs fat and no-one wants a dog that looks like a coffee table!!

Tip 3) dress up warmly!
If it's necessary, wear some warm clothes..... OK - so Mum made me put this one in... if you are embarrassed by wearing jumpers and coats then try out a disguise (I like to adopt a false mustache and beard approach... see, you can't tell it's me can you?).

Tip 4) chill out!
Yes, I know this is about keeping warm but seriously the best thing to do is chill out INDOORS, get all snuggly in your bed (or on the sofa if you're allowed - I'm not but Mum doesn't know that I sometimes go on the sofa at Uncle Ian's).

I hope you enjoy my top tips for keeping warm in this freezing weather... have fun, stay warm - don't eat yellow snow!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been a bit busy just lately... My Grandma (Keighley) came to stay for a couple of days. It's always great when she comes to stay coz she lets me get away with all sorts... for example, I was allowed to go into the spare bedroom and stick my nose in all her bags to 'check' that she had everything. As if it wasn't exciting enough, my friend Promise came for a sleepover coz Uncle Ian and Aunty Barbara went to a party and didn't want to drive home. Promise brought her sleepover special bed but even though she's massive she still squeezed into my bed!

This morning we went for a brill walk to the nature reserve but all the humans forgot to take their cameras! It was very icy with a bit of snow on the top and the humans were slipping all over the place - me and Promise were laughing to ourselves - four paws good, two wellies bad!!!

Later on, after we had a rest, Grandma set off back and Promise went home and I just had a quiet time - Phew! Any way, happy new year to all my doggy and human fans - licky lick x