Monday, 27 June 2011

Nice weather for lizards!

Hi my friends,
so I was finkin that it's nice weather if you are a lizard.  I do be lovin the summer though, we have some nice walking and I just like lazin around.
That's it for now, just wanted to give you all some summer lovin'.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The sun came out eventually!

It was so rainy this morning that we had to walk round the block.  Later this afternoon the sun came out so mum took me down the lane to the ings, she was busy taking photos of poppies but I just wanted to run!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Promise - she's a wonder dog!

Hey friends and followers!  Today I am pleased to announce that Promise has a blog of her own.

You can find her at I am sure that you'll enjoy her poetry and stories, so why not have a look and if you like it you could follow her.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another BIG Walk..

Dad arranged for us to go on a big walk with some of his new friends (he got a new job and so has some new friends to introduce me to).  They were all doing this BIG walk for a charity, we couldn't do all of the walk coz Dad has got 'cronky old toes' that don't go more than 10 miles!  So we decided that we would do some of it. It was over three very big hills and we did the first one.
Anyways, we got to the meeting place and there were loads of people....Someone important was talking to the masses, so I tried to get a good view...
I was having no luck, so I just decided to stand about and look like I knew what was going on (fink this is what Dad does at work!!).

see me looking like I am understanding what is going on!
Here is Dad looking 'corporate'!

After we had finished our bit of the BIG walk I got some nice 'noms' and Dad got a cuppa!

Cheers Dad!  Fanx for a nice day to all the nice peoples at Dad's work!

Important footnote:  My Aunty Jilly Willy Woo and Uncle Matty also did the same BIG Walk but on a different day, they raised some money for Help for Heroes - if you want to donate to this brilliant cause then you still can  FANX !

New friend and old...

Well, it's been a bit since I managed to blog - it's my typists fault, she has been so busy.  Mind you, in between being busy we've been on some nice little holidays.

So, first of all it was Easter and we did go to a new caravan site called Conifer Lake.  They have a fishing lake (with conifers round it!), I did meet a nice new friend called Bryn.  Bryn is a boxer like my cousin April only he is massively much bigger and 
Handsome Bryn

after a swim..
Bryn trying to catch up with me..
Some other things that changed... my Uncle Ian went to overseas for a whole month and so Promise went to live with my Grandma.  She liked it so much that she's going to live with Grandma for ever!  She came to stay here for a few days to help out the typist when she was sooo busy and had to go to 'that London'.  It's cool having a sleep over and so I gave her and Grandma lots of licks.
Promise being cosy at my house!
You might also notice that since my last blog post I have had my summer hair style and I no longer look like an exploded cushion!