Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Busy life

I have such a busy old life you know... which is why I haven't blogged for a while. Take today, for example, first of all I went for a doggy joggy with Mum, then after some breakfast I had a good old sniff round my garden and made sure Mum had fed all the birds. I had a bit of a kip while Mum did some boring work in her office. Then another sniff about in the garden while she had some sarnies. Then we went to the allotment and Uncle Ian's house. While Mum was busy in the allotment doing stuff what humans do I was busy in Ian's garden sniffing and running about with Brody and Buster - Promise made sure we all behaved.

While Mum and Ian had a teabreak we all went in the house and I gave Promise a good clean... I like to lick her ears, feet, teeth and bottom... she likes it too! After Mum and Ian had a tea break I took Mum and Buster for a walk. Buster hasn't been with me and Mum down the lane before and he was a bit confused about how to walk with a lead on. Anyway eventually we got down the lane and he could have a really long run, really fast. Buster is staying at Uncle Ian's for the rest of this year coz his mum and dad have gone off travelling round the world! He's really happy to be living at Ian's coz he's got his pack of friends and he gets spoilt by the humans.