Thursday, 18 December 2008

So long Sammy...

This week was really sad, Uncle Nige rang to say that his dog Sammy had gone to heaven. Sammy was a lovely old girl and she used to come to visit with Uncle Nige some times, she was a bit wise and would often nick my biscuits if I hadn't finished all my tea!!

I'll really, really miss her and we're all feeling sad. Sending big licks to Uncle Nige and Aunty Karen.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Yappy Christmas Everyone!!

Just thought I'd take a few minutes to wish all my Dog Blog friends a very Yappy Christmas! Hope that Santa brings you lots of pressies and that you humans are very kind to your doggies.
Lots of licks

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Spooky Dooky!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Screen Cleaner Dog is Shot Dead - Shock News!

I found out what happened to the screen cleaning dog who we all loved.....
it was shot by it's owner, check out this clip on YouTube

Monday, 13 October 2008

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

I've just had a 'mini-break' at Grandma and Grandad's in Morecambe! It was great to go see them coz I had a run about on the beach. Mum took my yellow ball which she keeps in the car 'specially for the beach. Grandma and Mum kept me busy throwing my ball for me (it wasn't bad even if they do throw like girls!).

Mum said she could hear some Oyster Catchers but they were too far away for me to chase after, I did chase another doggy though just to prove I can run fast.

We had a stroll on the prom back to the car and I 'shouted' at loads of other dogs - I had a right good time!

Grandma had to go to work later that evening for a bit so I just chilled out with Mum. On Sunday Grandad came home for a bit and he made a big old fuss of me, we played and I showed him where the pesky cat was sitting outside.

When we got home later on Sunday Dad was there - he'd been off with his mate Ian to Wales. I gave him some licks and he just made a pile of zzzzzz's while he pretended to watch telly!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Great Book

Dad bought Mum a present today, it's a little book called 'A Dog Day' by Walter Emanuel. Mum says it has great illustrations by Cecil Aldin.

It's a book all about a day in the life of a terrier and it is really really old (1902 - Mum says that's ancient).

It's really cool coz it's like a blog before blogs were even thought of!
ISBN 0 285 63528

Saturday, 27 September 2008

I nearly had a sister!

Well, what a funny old story this is....

Mum and Dad were outside the house being rather busy, when along comes a nice little doggy. Dad talks to her and she likes him then she comes round the back into my garden - I like her (a lot!). She was all covered in mud and was really hungry. So, Mum being a soft touch gives her some food and fusses over her. She was really fast at running round in circles on my lawn!

Mum and Dad were really confused coz she had a collar on but no name tag, no-one was out in the street calling her and they didn't know what to do.

So, Mum took her all the way to the vet to see if she had a microchip, then came all the way back with her (she didn't have a chip). The vet told Mum that she was only a young girl and that she was in good condition.

We ran about a bit then Mum gave her a bit of a bath and some more cuddles and we had some more fun. Then, a man called Tim who lives in the village came and said to Dad that she might live just over the road from us! So, Dad went to see the man over the road (to see a man about a dog!!) and he said she was his. What a carry on, turns out she's called Indy and she had escaped from his garden and he thought she was upstairs on the bed (I didn't know dogs could go on human beds, mmmm...).

Well, we all had a nice time and it was funny, except Mum was a bit sad coz she really liked her (a lot).

Monday, 15 September 2008

Another holiday - loads more hills!

I've been to the Lakes with Mum and Dad in the caravan! We had an ace time coz we got to go up some big hills (and some small ones too).

First we went up a couple of big hills and across some massive bogs and it was nice weather. Then we went up a really massive hill and it was raining quite a lot, there were wooly woofs all over the place on the way back and Mum was a bit miffed coz the ice-cream shop was closed when we got back to the farm in the valley (she made up for it with cake later!).

We went fishing the next day and I had an ace time in the boat (Mum and Dad didn't catch any fish at all but they said they had a nice time anyway).

We went to Keswick a few times and I got to meet all sorts of other dogs - I shouted at them until they noticed me then wagged my tail at them.

We had a bit of a funny day in the car all the way to a place called Scotland, where we only stayed one day then we came back to the Lakes - what was all that about?

We did another massive walk called Green Gable and Great Gable and I got to do some rock climbing on my stretchy lead with Mum, it was really ace and a long way so I was really tired when we got back.

I met a new friend called Jack in the Lakes - he lived at the campsite during the summer and he was a Lakeland Terrier. I hope I might meet him again some time and get to have a run about off the lead.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

I've got a 'poorly'

Today I was very brave and went to the vets (and didn't bite them)! Mum took me coz I've got a poorly paw. She's been looking after me but it wasn't mended quick enough so I had to go to stinky vets which I am not keen on.

I saw a really nice vet lady though and she didn't hurt me, she just looked at my paw and said I needed some tablets and I needed to keep a bandage on it. So Mum took me home and put a small bandage on and gave me a tablet. I'll soon be back to normal I'm sure.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

A Big Walk...

Today I went for a massive walk with Mum, Dad and Uncle Sammy. We went somewhere called Bleaklow in the Peak District and it was a long way.It only rained a bit on the way up but after dinner the sun came out and it was grand.I climbed on some rocks and then later Mum let me be off the lead for a bit coz there were no 'wooly woofs' about. Check out Mum and Dad's blog site for all the details of the actual walk and all the photos. Here's one of me sniffing out Mum's packed lunch!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Chillin' in Cheshire

Mum and Dad had to go to a wedding party and I wasn't allowed to go with them coz I might have been a bit too giddy. So, Mum found this really ace place for us to stay and I got a new friend called Millie - she's lovely.

I also got a new 'Aunty' and 'Uncle' - Ruth and Steve, they're cool! They made me feel right at home and took great care of me. Steve had a poorly hand after he'd been 'sorting out' the lawn mower, so I gave him lots of licks!

We stayed at Primrose Cottage B&B (, it's a really great place to stay coz it's in the countryside and they've got chickens.

At first Millie was a bit scared of me coz I'm a bit giddy but she soon told me it was OK to go close to her so long as I didn't try any funny business! I went for a walk with Millie down by the river and Steve let me run around, Millie is a retired greyhound and she can run faster than me, she tired me out!

Mum and Dad came back after the party (think Dad was a bit drunk!) Dad had been worrying about whether I'd been good or not - he's always worrying about me! I slept downstairs with Millie and in the morning we went for another walk. Millie gets to have leftover sausages and black pudding and all sorts! (Mum won't let me have any coz I might get fat). It was a great weekend and I love chillin' in Cheshire, thanks Steve, Ruth and Millie!

Some of my Mates...

I just asked Mum to put some piccies of my bessie mates on my blog.
I've made friends with so many dogs and here are just a few of them....

First off, there's Toby a Jack Russell who I met down the fields and see quite regularly, he's about the same age as me.

This is Jasper (he's an English Pointer), he used to live in my house! he lives further down the village now with his Mum (Ann) and Dad (John).

Here's little old Sammy (she's a Border/Lakeland cross and she's really, really old) and her Dad is Nige - he goes fishing and shooting with Dad. Nige has a cool tattoo of Sammy on his leg.
Here's Toby (Big Mate) and Milly! They've starred on my blog before.

I didn't get to meet these two up close coz they looked a bit fierce, but I asked Mum to take a piccie of them on their trike coz it's cool.

Millie is my latest friend, she's lovely - you can find out more on my other blog posting 'Chillin in Cheshire'

Sadly this year 2 of my good mates have gone to Dog Heaven... Ben (the Labradoodle) who was my first friend and showed me all the best sniffs in Croda, and Rags (the Lurcher) who was good at running round the fields. Miss you guys.
Also Naomi (Siamese) the cat from next door - I know I used to want to chase you but it's sad that you've gone too.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot...

Just been away for the weekend with me mates Big Toby and Milly. Our Mums and Dads took us caravanning, it was really hot weather so we didn't really do much apart from sleep and muck about round the caravans. I made sure that Toby and Milly were nice and clean all weekend by giving them loads of big licks!

I did have some fun tangling everyone up all weekend with my long lead (I have to keep my lead on or else I chase other dogs - there was a 'rat on a string' dog that I had my eye on!!)

I got loads of treats from Shell (Toby and Milly's Mum) - I love Shell xx

I'm looking forward to going away with them again soon.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My Latest Holiday!

(This is me on top of Tryfan (a very big mountain))

Mum and Dad just took me to Welsh Wales for a week in the caravan. We had some antics...

First off, on the very first day there I got two new girlfriends.. A border terrier called Molly and a miniature schnauzer called Ella - they were both puppies and I loved them (not quite as much as Mum loved them, but I loved them). They had two Dads and unfortunately they had to go home the next day, I wish they'd hung around a bit longer. (I didn't get any pictures of them but their Dads said they might e-mail some to me.....)

There were some cows in the field right outside our caravan door, I tried to be aloof..... (I was more interested in the Wooly Woof Sheeps anyway).

(This is me not being interested in cows!)

We did a few nice walks, some were harder than others and a few times I did some climbing - it was ace!

(me and Mum on top of Arenig Fawr - another big hill)

I went swimming a few times - I love swimming and it's such fun when it's a big lake and Dad always chucks some sticks in for me (Mum throws like a girl, so I always let Dad do it). I had a bit of a 'surprise' swim one day too; we were on the top of a big hill and there was this lovely pool with moss all round it - I thought that I could 'rescue' a big rock which was stuck in the middle so I jumped straight in!! It was very deep right at the edge (the rock, as it turned out, didn't need rescuing after all - it was quite OK being an island!).

I also had a fab day out in Barmouth - there's a great beach there and I love digging in the sand. I found a great stick and tried to hide it again and again, oh what fun!!

Monday, 12 May 2008


Just been away for the weekend. Mum and Dad took me to Thornton le Dale, it's a place not too far away. We went in the caravan and it was great! I got to laze about a bit and I didn't bark too much coz most of the other people on the caravan site were old and I didn't want to scare them.

It was hot and sunny and I went in the stream to cool down, Dad chucked some stones in for me then a big stick. It wasn't deep enough for a swim but it was nice. The woods were nice too and there was a big field but I had to keep my lead on coz there were woolly woofs in it. Woolly woofs are sheep if you didn't know!

Next time Mum's got to take my big bed though, coz I didn't like my cushion bed as much and I kept waking them up when I couldn't get comfy!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Mr Mo's Big Adventure in the Snow!

Mum was having a 'special' birthday so we went to the Lakes in our new caravan to celebrate. It was the first time I'd been in the caravan and it was great fun, better than the tent coz it was warm and toasty! I had my own place for my bed and Dad kept putting the fan heater on for me to warm myself next to.

Uncle Sam and Aunty Penny came to see us and we went for a big walk! It was a right adventure...

We started off going up a big hill and there was a bit of snow. I love snow and was having a really ace time rolling about in it (Mum told me off coz there was a bit of mud too, but I didn't listen!).

We got higher and higher and the snow got deeper and deeper - check out uncle Sam up to his leg pits!!

Then it got blowy and colder and Mum and uncle Sam made a snood for me out of a spare hat coz my ears kept blowing inside out.

At one point I was a bit fed up of the wind but we were soon back down again - we didn't hang about at the top anyway!!

I was quite glad to be back next to that heater later on!
You can read more about this adventure on Mum and Dad's blog and can see more photos on uncle Sam's facebook
*No animals were harmed during the making of this adventure

Monday, 17 March 2008

Catch that kite!

I asked Mum to update my blog with a new photo... this piccy was taken nearly 3 years ago when I was just a puppy really.

It was September and we had gone on holiday to the Lakes. On Grandad Morecambe's birthday (16th Sept) we went for a nice walk up Lord's Seat and Mum wanted to fly her little pocket kite as a birthday celebration for Grandad because he couldn't come walking with us.

I loved that kite up in the sky and wanted to catch it, I tried and tried but couldn't jump high enough!!! Dad took this picture and we think it's groovy.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Shake n Vac!!

Ha Ha! Mum decided to 'spruce' me up... She went shopping and bought some lily of the valley Shake n Vac to freshen up my rug. It's that time of year when I spend a fair bit of time toasting myself in front of the fire and so it does tend to make my rug a bit wiffy! She came home from shopping and sprinkled it all over the rug then went upstairs to get on with some work in the office.

She thought I'd ignore the scented powder but I decided to have a roll in it!! She did laugh when I was rolling about in it. Anyway she gave me a good brush then vacuumed it all off the rug - it did the trick and it's not wiffy now!!

Later on when we were out walking she was still chuckling coz she kept getting a wiff of me - I do smell gorgeous!!!