Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas bandana...

Dad says this is embarrassing.... but Grandma (Keighley) bought me a Christmas bandana and Mum made me wear it....

think my facial expression says it all...


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I'm dreaming of a white mustache....

Oh, sorry that should be Christmas!!! Oh, I do love the snow...

I wish all my doggy bloggy friends a very Happy Christmas and lots of big walks in the New Year.. xx licky lick!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Holiday week - big walks!

This week Mum and Dad are not going to work - they call it a 'staycation' but really it's just because the weather forecast was pants for the Lake District where we were going to go. So we get to stay home and go out for walks coz the weather at home is great! Today we did a massive walk along some nice paths and I got a little swim too.
My legs were tired when we got home but it was a great day...

Recent antics!

Well I don't seem to have blogged since I was 'dog of the week' so I thought I'd better update you all...

Uncle Nige and Aunty Karen got a new puppy - there seems to be new puppies everywhere! He is a Border crossed with a Norfolk terrier and he is called Eddie (the great). Dad thinks he looks a bit like I did when I was just a pup and Mum just thinks he's FAB! (She's a sap when it comes to puppies!).
I've been having fun around the fields locally while the harvest has been going on - there has been lots of straw piled up to jump over and then there were bales to have mini adventures around. I love harvest time coz I get to go into the fields that have been full of wheat and Mum doesn't shout at me once it's been cut down (she gets worried that I might get lost in the long wheat before it gets chopped off).

I've also been walking with Brodie and Promise, afterwards Promise came to my house for a rest and she found my bed the most comfortable place as usual!! She's so cheeky but we love her :-) Mum tried to take a picture of Brodie but he is such a wiggler that she gave up in the end.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I'm running around in a giddy tizz coz Mum just read me the following e-mail from a lovely lady called Bonny... She's made me 'Dog of the Week' on her shop website, how exciting is that!
The shop is called Pedlars and they sell some really groovy and dapper stuff including things for dogs (Mum likes their other stuff too), why don't you check me out in their 'Dog of the Week' spot and then check out their groovy and dapper stuff too?!

Bonny said...
Dear Mr Mo,

I’m delighted to tell you that you are The Pedlars Dog of the Week. You can read about yourself here: Our team has very much enjoyed reading about your antics on your blog and looks forward to following them in the future too.

I was very relieved to read the story where you were pulled out of the canal, which could have had an unhappy ending. My Labrador was nearly drowned nearly a year ago when her head got stuck under a low branch in a fast flowing river. She sends you a lick in return for yours,
Warm regards,

Bonny Quick

I was so glad her doggy was OK, it's scary when you forget how to swim!
Does this make me more famous than Mum (she goes on the radio sometimes)?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bits and Pieces

Just thought I haven't put a blog posting up for a bit, so what's been happening...?

Well, Mum and Dad had a week off going to work and we stayed at home for a bit then went to Lincolnshire in the caravan. Went to a nice quiet site with some fishing, I met some new doggies and also went for a couple of nice swims.

Aunty Jilly came over on Sunday with April! It was ace, we went to the seaside and I showed April what sand and water was all about. She loved it - except for when she forgot to swim and pretended to be a brick and sank a bit... Mum helped her out and she was fine, she just had a shake and ran about. Mum was so busy that she forgot to take any pics but perhaps Aunty Jilly Willy Woo will put some on April's blog...

I just thought that I might put a picture of my pal Brodie up here coz I've not mentioned him before. He's Uncle Ian's young pup - he's a cocker spaniel and he's going to be a fine dog for going on beating drives with Uncle Ian when he's a bit bigger. Anyway here he is ... he has got to grow into those ears yet!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mum looked after Promise

Promise is my Uncle Ian and Aunty Barbara's dog, she has starred on my blog before... Uncle Ian was a meany and went off up to Scotland and only took his puppy, Brody, with him and left Promise at home. Any way my Mum loves Promise and said she would take her for walks to help out. We had some nice walks and some damp and soggy walks! My favourite walk was down the long lane, it was very sunny on Saturday and there were lots of puddles from the rain on Friday. Promise loves to jump about in the puddles and Mum thought it was really funny! It gave me chance to disappear into the long grass while she was watching Prom's antics - ha ha!

When we got back we were really pooped out and Promise nicked off with my bed - being the gent I let her! She thought it was a sleep over but she went home later on and I finally got to go in my own bed.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

April came to play...

My cousin April came for the afternoon, it was ace. She's only a puppy and she can run really fast already. She's not been out much coz she's only just had all her jabs. Aunty Jilly brought some cool toys, me and April both got a squishy piggy each - hers was pink and mine was brown. We ran and ran round the garden until April was pooped out and she had to have a sleep.
Then she went to visit her doggy mummy who lives near here. I had a rest while she was gone, but she came back later!! We ran round and round again!

I can't wait to have more runs about with her, she thinks she'll be able to boss me when she gets bigger but she'll have to catch me first!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

I went on a Cruise!

On Saturday my Grandma Keighley had a BIG birthday - I think she said something about getting a bus pass! Anyway she let me go on her cruise on the canal. We all went to Skipton to get on a big boat called a barge, it's bigger than our little fishing boat and it had a downstairs and a kitchen. There was lots of food about, I could sniff it, but it was all that 'human' food stuff so I didn't get any. Aunty Jilly brought me some chews and treats... Uncle Matty brought my cousin April!!

We had a right old party and all the grown ups seemed to enjoy themselves, me and April had fun too. She's only such a puppy and it was her very first outing into the big world, she got tired and had some sleeps but she was allowed to go on the bank for a bit and we walked along together. Uncle Matty rescued a wooly woof that had escaped, I wanted to help but Mum said it wasn't a good idea.
It was mostly sunny and nice but at one point it really rained hard and Mum made me stay downstairs - April was asleep and I wanted to help Daddy who got soaked trying to tie the boat up.
Happy Birthday Grandma! xxx

Saturday, 27 June 2009

April Flowers

This picture just came from aunty Jill. How cute is my cousin April?

Friday, 19 June 2009

April goes for her jabs!

My cousin April went to get her first jabs last night. Uncle Matty said she was a good girl. I can't wait for her to be able to visit n come for a big walk with me.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Dad is a HERO!

This is what Dad would rather pull out of the canal!!!

Well, almost two weeks ago my Dad saved me from the canal when I 'forgot' how to swim. I was just swimming after sticks as usual and then I turned quickly and my back legs didn't go fast enough and I was sinking... quick as a flash Dad took his shoes off and jumped in the canal and got me back to dry land. I was right as rain and ran up and down to get dry but Dad was so cold and shaky, Mum was a bit 'beside herself' as well! Anyway, after Dad took off his trousers and Mum gave him her fleece (it was a bit small but he looked OK really) then we went home. Dad forgot he had his phone and keys in his pocket when he went in the canal, but I don't think his boss told him off for breaking his phone - oops!

Anyway, we had all just about recovered from this adventure when my Dad was a HERO again! We went for a little walk along a different canal last night and after a while a woman was shouting for someone to help coz her dog had fallen in and she couldn't get him out. He was called Manny and we all shouted and shouted for him but he was just swimming and swimming and couldn't get out. He was all the way over the other side and Dad said; "I'm not blinking well jumping in there" So he ran and had to get up a big wall and over the railway and down the other side, through some bushes and then he found Manny who was still swimming and swimming but he looked worried and tired. Dad finally managed to get hold of his collar and drag him out of the water - he was a massive black labrador and Dad must be really strong! Manny's Mum was really happy and we went home.

Maybe next time we could try this...

Monday, 1 June 2009

The new Hirst on the block

My Aunty Jill and Uncle Matty are getting a new puppy, Yay!!!
Here she is....she's called April! She's still at home with her grown up doggie mummy and her baby brother but she's coming home to Glusburn very soon.
Uncle Matty is sooo giddy and Aunty Jill is a bit 'beside herself'. My mum can't wait to baby sit.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

I went to Grandad Morecambe's

We had a party at Grandma and Grandad Morecambe's and I went on an adventure into Grandad's shed..... I was sure that there was a cat in there...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

This is my friend Cassie...

She's a big girl - she's a Newfoundland. She lives in my village and I see her sometimes in a morning on my walk. When she was a puppy she used to squash me but now she's grown up a bit she just runs about with me. She's still only young and her dad says that she might have some puppies one day (they won't be Newborderlands though!)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I've been quite busy lately...

I went on a little holiday over the bank holiday weekend. Mum and Dad took me to a new caravan and fishing place and Aunty Michelle and Uncle Mark were there with Milly and Toby. It was really nice, I got to do a bit of chillin out with my friends and Dad and Mark did some fishing. Mark caught a fish while I was stood next to him and I licked it!!

Big Tobe (aka biggus doggus) is quite slow so we went on a few short slow walks into the village. We had lots of admirers, especially the lady in the small shop/garden centre when I ran down the aisle of the shop, she gave me a biscuit. Me and Milly went on a longer walk on sunday down the lane. We met some new dog friends; there was Spicy and there was a Sprocker who didn't tell us her name.
I had a great time trying to play with Milly's toys - Aunty Shell had to mend one of them twice! I hope her toe is better coz I think I was a bit enthusiastic when we were playing and I nipped it!

"Do you think you got my best side?"

I was exhausted when we got home and slept for ages. Me and Mum met Uncle Ian and his dog Promise later on Tuesday and she came for a walk with me and Mum coz Uncle Ian had bad knees. Mum's daft, she was singing "I got two doggies" all the way round the fields!

This is me taking Promise for a walk!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

This season...I'll be wearing my coat short.

Mum decided I could be a 'shaggy dog story' no longer and stripped me last weekend. I feel quite dapper and I like being a smooth operator again. The blue tits in the garden are my friend too as some of my old coat went to make their new nest!
Here I am before.... looking quite menacing I think....


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hello smiler!

Here is Promise, she's smiling coz she's happy!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Economic downturn sees lack of colouring books for kids...

Poor doggie got all coloured-in!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I'm all right now...

Hi blog fans!
Just thought I'd give you an update and let you all know that I am all mended and stuff now.
I was very brave when Mum took me for all the stitches out last week, it was a nice lady nurse that took them out so I thought I'd better not bite her and anyway I didn't want to have to wear my muzzle coz I hate it! Grandma Keighley sent me some sweeties in the post for being brave - thanks Grandma!
It was ace later that day I went for a long walk without that cone on my head and my tummy wasn't itchy stitchy any more.
On Friday last week, I had a right laugh and while Mum was gardening she thought there was a rat in her compost bin. So between us we worried it out and it went in the pond - I jumped in after it and got it - yay! My new name is 'rat boy'!!
Anyway that's all folks for now, am looking forward to a little holiday in a week or so.. Mum says Uncle Sammy and Aunty Pen-wah are coming too.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Update on the 'one ball' situation..

Hi Mo fans!
Just wanted to let you all know that I am really on the mend. I went back to the vet on Monday for her to check out how the stitches and scar were doing and she was pleased.
The stitches are really itchy and I have to keep the lampshade on, much to my embarrassment! Mum calls me her 'itchy stitchy' or 'pork scratching' - cheeky thing.
Any way, I am feeling much more like me old self, I ran up the garden yesterday and jumped up at Mum who was busy feeding the birds. She told me off but I didn't listen.
Can't wait for the stitches to come out now coz Mum promised me a big walk along the river - yippee! I am only allowed to go for walks round the block on the lead until the stitches go.
That's all folks

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Billy 'one ball'

This is not a carry on story from the earlier blog entitled 'I lost my ball in the snow'!!
Well for those of you who know me well, you will know that I only have one do-dah! On Friday 20th Feb I had to have an operation to find the missing one - eek. Mum took me to see Heidi (aka 'nasty vet lady' - sorry Heidi) and left me with her after promising to pick me up later. Heidi had to find the missing ball coz she thought it might fester into a nasty if she left it in my tummy. Anyway, she took ages to find it and I had to have a lot of stitches - it looks as if I've got a zip put in now.
Mum and Dad came to pick me up from the vets at tea time - Mum had been really worried all day and looked like she needed a glass of wine when she got there! I had a new 'lamp-shade' on my head - very fetching, NOT! Heidi told Mum that I needed to have my stitches in for 10 days and that I might be a bit sore - a bit sore? blimey not wrong there mrs!
I was really woozy on Friday night and couldn't sleep properly coz I was worried and a bit stingly so Mum came downstairs and slept on the sofa to keep me company. On Saturday I was feeling even more sore coz the anaesthetic had worn off completely. Dad was a wuss and went out fishing all day with his mates, Mum had to look after me. Grandma keighley came over coz she was right worried about me (she brought me some sweeties which helped a bit!). Ann (Jasper's mum) also came to visit me, I managed to wag my tail and give her a lick to take home to Jasper.
All day long Mum and Grandma kept trying to persuade me to have a wee in the garden - but I wasn't having any of it, it all felt a bit to scary. Anyway, eventually Grandma went home and dad came in from fishing - he was really worried about me not wee-ing so he decided to walk me up and down the garden.... after a while I managed a little tinkle and then another... then niagra wee time!!!
I haven't been off my food at all, just a bit fed up of having to wear a lampshade on me head - I can't see where I'm going and I can't lick my todge which is most annoying!
Today I am feeling better, I've been able to go out for a couple of short walks with dad and I've got no problems with wee's or poo's (sorry for too much information but I'm quite proud of myself!). I've been eating and whinging inbetween so I can wangle plenty of treats out of mum and dad! Mum even went to the shops and got me my favourite treats - cool! Jasper sent me a get well card which was really nice - cheers mate!
Just can't wait to get rid of itchy stitchy and the lampshade! thanks for reading - please send treats to my home address!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

I am FIVE!

It was my birthday today! I am five now and it's great. Being five means that you can be daft like a puppy sometimes but also nice and calm and grown up. It also means that you aren't too old to go for long walks.
My birthday is the day after Dad's - he isn't five! He's not too old to go for long walks though....

Monday, 9 February 2009

I lost my ball in the snow!!

Forrest - he's no Gump!

Uncle Nige n aunty Karen got a new puppy. He's a parson russel terrier.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Friday, 30 January 2009