Thursday, 26 January 2012

And the award goes to....

This clever dog just won a BIG bone as he is 'Employee of the Year' for his Mum who entered in him a competition.  My Mum is the Head Judge (just don't call her Len!) for this competition and she thought it was the most interesting entry but then thought that perhaps Solomon would prefer to get a special bone award rather than have to wear a dinner suit and go on a stage.

So, this morning Mum did visit Solomon in his shop - Goods and Chattels in Howden, East Yorkshire (interesting gifts and stylish homeware) and she did give him this ginormous bone!  He was very, very happy to get it and he had his photo taken for the noooospaper with my Mum and his Mum.

Mum says sorry for rubbish picture but hopes you like the story anyways.  You can read a bit more about Solomon and see a lovely pic of him on his blog page.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mrs Meg

cooling off time!

She's a bit of a handful but she's my lovely friend.  Meg has come to live with Aunty Ann who was ready to have another doggy after she stopped being sad about Jasper.  Meg used to live on a farm but was being picked on by the other dogs in the pack, so Ann swapped an apple pie for her!! Good deal we say!
Mum took this picture of her at the end of a rather eventful walk.  Meg had just chased a deer across the fields for about half a mile before she just got a bit tired and then came back.  We thought she looked a bit puffed out and so she had a lie down in the puddle!!
One day Meg will listen to me about running off like a loon after deers.. I say is better to stay with Mum for she has noms in her pocket!!  Love ya Meg!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bad hair day!

Was very windy today.