Friday, 27 February 2009

Update on the 'one ball' situation..

Hi Mo fans!
Just wanted to let you all know that I am really on the mend. I went back to the vet on Monday for her to check out how the stitches and scar were doing and she was pleased.
The stitches are really itchy and I have to keep the lampshade on, much to my embarrassment! Mum calls me her 'itchy stitchy' or 'pork scratching' - cheeky thing.
Any way, I am feeling much more like me old self, I ran up the garden yesterday and jumped up at Mum who was busy feeding the birds. She told me off but I didn't listen.
Can't wait for the stitches to come out now coz Mum promised me a big walk along the river - yippee! I am only allowed to go for walks round the block on the lead until the stitches go.
That's all folks

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Billy 'one ball'

This is not a carry on story from the earlier blog entitled 'I lost my ball in the snow'!!
Well for those of you who know me well, you will know that I only have one do-dah! On Friday 20th Feb I had to have an operation to find the missing one - eek. Mum took me to see Heidi (aka 'nasty vet lady' - sorry Heidi) and left me with her after promising to pick me up later. Heidi had to find the missing ball coz she thought it might fester into a nasty if she left it in my tummy. Anyway, she took ages to find it and I had to have a lot of stitches - it looks as if I've got a zip put in now.
Mum and Dad came to pick me up from the vets at tea time - Mum had been really worried all day and looked like she needed a glass of wine when she got there! I had a new 'lamp-shade' on my head - very fetching, NOT! Heidi told Mum that I needed to have my stitches in for 10 days and that I might be a bit sore - a bit sore? blimey not wrong there mrs!
I was really woozy on Friday night and couldn't sleep properly coz I was worried and a bit stingly so Mum came downstairs and slept on the sofa to keep me company. On Saturday I was feeling even more sore coz the anaesthetic had worn off completely. Dad was a wuss and went out fishing all day with his mates, Mum had to look after me. Grandma keighley came over coz she was right worried about me (she brought me some sweeties which helped a bit!). Ann (Jasper's mum) also came to visit me, I managed to wag my tail and give her a lick to take home to Jasper.
All day long Mum and Grandma kept trying to persuade me to have a wee in the garden - but I wasn't having any of it, it all felt a bit to scary. Anyway, eventually Grandma went home and dad came in from fishing - he was really worried about me not wee-ing so he decided to walk me up and down the garden.... after a while I managed a little tinkle and then another... then niagra wee time!!!
I haven't been off my food at all, just a bit fed up of having to wear a lampshade on me head - I can't see where I'm going and I can't lick my todge which is most annoying!
Today I am feeling better, I've been able to go out for a couple of short walks with dad and I've got no problems with wee's or poo's (sorry for too much information but I'm quite proud of myself!). I've been eating and whinging inbetween so I can wangle plenty of treats out of mum and dad! Mum even went to the shops and got me my favourite treats - cool! Jasper sent me a get well card which was really nice - cheers mate!
Just can't wait to get rid of itchy stitchy and the lampshade! thanks for reading - please send treats to my home address!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

I am FIVE!

It was my birthday today! I am five now and it's great. Being five means that you can be daft like a puppy sometimes but also nice and calm and grown up. It also means that you aren't too old to go for long walks.
My birthday is the day after Dad's - he isn't five! He's not too old to go for long walks though....

Monday, 9 February 2009

I lost my ball in the snow!!

Forrest - he's no Gump!

Uncle Nige n aunty Karen got a new puppy. He's a parson russel terrier.

Monday, 2 February 2009