Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I'm running around in a giddy tizz coz Mum just read me the following e-mail from a lovely lady called Bonny... She's made me 'Dog of the Week' on her shop website, how exciting is that!
The shop is called Pedlars and they sell some really groovy and dapper stuff including things for dogs (Mum likes their other stuff too), why don't you check me out in their 'Dog of the Week' spot and then check out their groovy and dapper stuff too?!

Bonny said...
Dear Mr Mo,

I’m delighted to tell you that you are The Pedlars Dog of the Week. You can read about yourself here: Our team has very much enjoyed reading about your antics on your blog and looks forward to following them in the future too.

I was very relieved to read the story where you were pulled out of the canal, which could have had an unhappy ending. My Labrador was nearly drowned nearly a year ago when her head got stuck under a low branch in a fast flowing river. She sends you a lick in return for yours,
Warm regards,

Bonny Quick

I was so glad her doggy was OK, it's scary when you forget how to swim!
Does this make me more famous than Mum (she goes on the radio sometimes)?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bits and Pieces

Just thought I haven't put a blog posting up for a bit, so what's been happening...?

Well, Mum and Dad had a week off going to work and we stayed at home for a bit then went to Lincolnshire in the caravan. Went to a nice quiet site with some fishing, I met some new doggies and also went for a couple of nice swims.

Aunty Jilly came over on Sunday with April! It was ace, we went to the seaside and I showed April what sand and water was all about. She loved it - except for when she forgot to swim and pretended to be a brick and sank a bit... Mum helped her out and she was fine, she just had a shake and ran about. Mum was so busy that she forgot to take any pics but perhaps Aunty Jilly Willy Woo will put some on April's blog...

I just thought that I might put a picture of my pal Brodie up here coz I've not mentioned him before. He's Uncle Ian's young pup - he's a cocker spaniel and he's going to be a fine dog for going on beating drives with Uncle Ian when he's a bit bigger. Anyway here he is ... he has got to grow into those ears yet!!