Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Day...

On Sunday before Christmas we all had a family day in Morecambe with Mum and Dad, Aunty Jilly (Willy Woo), Uncle Matty, Thomas, Grandma and Grandad Morecambe and Grandma's Dad (suppose he's my Great Grandad then, he's a nice chap). There was a real house full and Mum let me open some of my pressies early - I got a fantastic green ring that cleans my teeth and I can play tug of war with, and I got a rag tugger and some 'sweeties' that are like bacon (they were all from Aunty Jill (Willy Woo). All the humans went out to the pub for dinner so I had a good old snooze and was all giddy again when they got back. I kept lookout for shadow the cat though, just in case!
Well, I had a quiet Christmas Day really... I went for a long walk with Mum and Dad then they went out for a bit of fishing (I didn't go because it was a bit too cold and they were fishing out of the boat and I get really shivery if I'm not running about). So, after they'd gone I went back to bed (after I'd had a sniff at the pressies!).

They came home at lunch time and they were frozen (they're bonkers I think when there's a cozy fire and some food here at home).

We opened all our presents once they'd got a cuppa - I got some fab 'sweeties' from Aunty Jilly (Willy Woo) and some 'bake 'em yourself' biscuit cutters and an instruction book for Mum from Grandma Morecambe, can't wait for Mum to have a go at baking some, she says she needs to go shopping first.

We went for a walk in the afternoon, it was nice coz the sun came out a bit. Then after tea I let Mum and Dad watch telly while I hogged the fire! Woofy Christmas to all my fans - BIG LICKS and hope Santa got you all what you wished for.

Friday, 7 December 2007

A Weekend Away at the Seaside...

Well, Dad was away with his pal Ian this weekend so Mum and me went to stay with Grandma Morecambe.
We went on Friday and came home on Sunday. On Saturday we had a nice walk on the beach at Hesham, there were some puppies on the beach and they were very funny, one was a border collie who was very well behaved and the other was a beagle, not so well behaved. Anyway I showed them who was the boss and ran up and down the beach like a proper doggie. We were lucky with this walk as it wasn't raining but later (after Mum and Grandma had been shopping for ages), it was raining like mad. Mum was a bit embarrassing as she made me a coat out of a carrier bag, I'm glad it was dark, we went for a walk round the houses and went to see the house on Lincoln Close that has loads of lights on for Christmas. There was a nice man there who raises loads of money for charity, I liked the lighted up raindeer and I wanted to water it but Mum told me not to! I was glad of the carrier bag when we got back coz Mum and Grandma were soaked but I wasn't so bad!
On Sunday morning I went to the beach again with Mum, coz Grandma had gone to pick up Grandad. When we got back it wasn't long before Grandma and Grandad came home, it was ace to see Grandad coz I don't get to see him very often. He made a fuss of me and I showed him my new teddy ducky, I was showing off a bit shaking it like I was killing it - I also had a bit of a bark at the cat outside the patio window. I like to show Grandad that I was guarding the house.
Mum didn't take many pictures of me coz Dad had the proper camera, so she took some on her mobile phone and she's going to try to work out how to put them on the blog, so we'll have to wait a bit!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

My Friend Sammy!

Tonight my uncle Nige called round and he brought my friend Sammy. She is an old girl (Nige says she's 17!) but she always makes herself at home when she comes round.... last time she got in my bed! This time Mum gave her my cushion to sit on, here she is....

Any way it was nice to see her and uncle Nige. My mum always gives Sammy some of my treats, I don't mind too much coz she's so old, she needs to keep her strength up.