Saturday, 27 June 2009

April Flowers

This picture just came from aunty Jill. How cute is my cousin April?

Friday, 19 June 2009

April goes for her jabs!

My cousin April went to get her first jabs last night. Uncle Matty said she was a good girl. I can't wait for her to be able to visit n come for a big walk with me.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Dad is a HERO!

This is what Dad would rather pull out of the canal!!!

Well, almost two weeks ago my Dad saved me from the canal when I 'forgot' how to swim. I was just swimming after sticks as usual and then I turned quickly and my back legs didn't go fast enough and I was sinking... quick as a flash Dad took his shoes off and jumped in the canal and got me back to dry land. I was right as rain and ran up and down to get dry but Dad was so cold and shaky, Mum was a bit 'beside herself' as well! Anyway, after Dad took off his trousers and Mum gave him her fleece (it was a bit small but he looked OK really) then we went home. Dad forgot he had his phone and keys in his pocket when he went in the canal, but I don't think his boss told him off for breaking his phone - oops!

Anyway, we had all just about recovered from this adventure when my Dad was a HERO again! We went for a little walk along a different canal last night and after a while a woman was shouting for someone to help coz her dog had fallen in and she couldn't get him out. He was called Manny and we all shouted and shouted for him but he was just swimming and swimming and couldn't get out. He was all the way over the other side and Dad said; "I'm not blinking well jumping in there" So he ran and had to get up a big wall and over the railway and down the other side, through some bushes and then he found Manny who was still swimming and swimming but he looked worried and tired. Dad finally managed to get hold of his collar and drag him out of the water - he was a massive black labrador and Dad must be really strong! Manny's Mum was really happy and we went home.

Maybe next time we could try this...

Monday, 1 June 2009

The new Hirst on the block

My Aunty Jill and Uncle Matty are getting a new puppy, Yay!!!
Here she is....she's called April! She's still at home with her grown up doggie mummy and her baby brother but she's coming home to Glusburn very soon.
Uncle Matty is sooo giddy and Aunty Jill is a bit 'beside herself'. My mum can't wait to baby sit.