Saturday, 6 November 2010

My new cousin!

May i introduce Jake! He is a rescue boy who has chosen my grandma to rescue him. He's giving her a two week trial and if he likes living with her he thinks he'll stay! I haven't met him yet coz grandma lives far away but i'm sending him a welcome lick!

update.... seems like he's settling in!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Rosie is Top Dog

Mum met Rosie the springer when she went to a meeting. Rosie has broken through the glass ceiling and holds an executive position, she is director of snacks and treats!  Can you see the blue bin?  It's where Rosie does the filing of important snacks.  Can you also see how she is smiling for the camera?  She is very clever indeed.
Here she is with her own Mum in her office.  Her Mum (Shirley) is doing a brilliant thing soon, she's going to Nepal to help with a community project which builds houses.  That's really brilliant and a great thing to do.
By the way Rosie and Shirley both work for SICL Ltd - they are a brilliant company who do lots of technical things in IT and they also do some fun things like driving fast cars on their days off, and they do some nice things like give lots of money to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Check out their link on my blog, this is where you can find out about Rosie's Mum going to Nepal too.
Keep up the good work Rosie, make sure all the people at SICL give you lots of treats and keep them in order!  Good luck in Nepal Shirley!