Sunday, 13 February 2011


Today it is my birfffday and I am seven.. Mum says she can't believe it!  So, I got a card from my cousin April, I opened it myself (of course) - you can see how good I am at opening cards in the picture - and I got a card off Mum and Dad.  April also sent me some rilly nice noms (wot I am eating out of my bowl in the picture) - fanx April am sending you lots of licks in return.

Mum and Dad didn't buy me a pressy, instead they let me have some real roast chicken which was a treat coz I don't get human food every day.  We went for a nice walk this morning and we met the lovely girls - they are all black labs and they live with their Dad, their names are (in age order); Fern, Inca, Teal and Pippa... Teal and Pippa are babies and they are about 5 months old.  Inca always jumps up and kisses Mum on the chin, Fern is old and she's graceful and the puppies are wanting to play with me all the time so I have to run about so they don't hassle me.

Later on this afternoon after I had done a lot of resting I had a walk with just Mum (coz Dad was doing some resting with some zzzzz's on the sofa!), I chased a rabbit but it got away under some bushes.  It was rainy so we walked really quickly and got home so we could get warm and dry.... and I could have some more noms!

Any ways it was nice to have a birffday on a Sunday, oh and Happy Birffday for yesterday for my Dad!!  (he wasn't seven)...