Friday, 15 October 2010

I got a pressy!

Today the postman brought me a pressy!  I had a fantastic time opening the packet...

Then I discovered it was 2 rubber bones. Mum let me have the blue one and she said that cousin April might like the orange one.
They came from a nice man called John who has just opened his first on-line pet shop and thought he would do some unashamed advertising on my blog by giving me an award...  At first Mum thought he was a bit cheeky but then they had a chinwag and she saw that he was a very nice man and was just trying hard to be a success.  So, she doesn't normally do this kind of fing but she is askin you to have a peek at his little shop and perhaps give him a try (you can click the award and it will take you to his shop).
Fanx for my bone John, it do be super doops and I haven't left it alone all afternoon.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Friday, 1 October 2010

I had a nice holidays..

The other week we went on a holidays with Uncle Ian and Aunty Barbara (which meant that Brodie and Promise came too).  We went to the Lake District and stayed in a barn, it was great coz I got to share my noms with Brodie and Prom and we had a log fire!
It did rain quite a bit but it didn't stop us going for some good walks, fink Dad was sad that he couldn't go fishing  though.  One day I took Uncle (bionic) Ian and Brodie up a really big hill called Ullock Pike, his new ankle and knee were really bionic and he nearly was running back down the other side (perhaps it was coz he was finking of beer or sloe gin or something).

It was the highest that Brodie had been ever and he had a great time even when it rained the whole time.

When we got back the sun came out!  Mum, Dad and Uncle Ian drank some beers in the sun on the patio while we doggies had a rest.

Mind you, Promise had been resting all day with Aunty Barbara!  Just look at Promise trying her best to hide in my bed!

When we got home it was ace coz Mum and Dad were still not going to work for the rest of the week, so we had more big walks near home.  One day we walked a long way on the canal bank, we were about half way 'there' when Uncle Ian, Brodie and Buster turned up!  Then we went to a cafe and us dogs got some noms.  On the way back we came across a border terrier called Ruby, she is really teeny and I like her (her dad said something about her having my babies - coz he thought I was handsome!)

Pest control

One rat - gone, job done!