Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

I just like to say a very Happy New Year to all my followers!  

2010 has been a very happy year and I am looking forward to even more fun times with my friends in 2011.
I shall be blogging and tweeting but most of all I am hoping that I will be walking, running around and going on lots of holidays with my Mum and Dad in 2011.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Some new faces to my blog...

Hello regular blog readers!  I just thought I might put a couple of pictures of some new faces up on my blog.
The first is one new doggy and one little person who has already starred in my blog before..... it's Bailey the dog and my good friend Lewis.  Bailey is my pal Brody's brother and Lewis is his owner.  They both look cheeky to me!

Here is another new doggy, he's called Ben.  I haven't actually met him but he belongs to my Mum's friend Simon and his family.  He looks might intelligent to me!!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I have been 'off roading'

You see, because it's very snowy here in Yorkshire we have been walking around the block so much coz the fields are too deep.  Anyway, Mum got fed up of always walking round the block and she said to me; "Come on Monkey, let's go down the fields!"  I was very excited to go off roading coz I hate the salt on my paws, it gets stingly.
We set off down the fields but Mum quickly realised that it was very deep and it wasn't going to be an easy time.    I found it was lots of fun coz I am a Paw Wheel Drive... look at my videos to see how I can go off roading! (please excuse Mum's commentary!)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Benny and Stella

Recently I met some new friends, they are two Border Terriers called Benny and Stella.  I met them when I was out walking with my Mum and usually see them when their Dad (he's called John) is going up the lane when we are going down.
Benny is a bit younger than me and he's friendly and quite calm, Stella is a little girl and is only 7 months old - I fink I lurve her!!  She's very giddy though and usually rushes up to me, gives me big licks and bounces about a lot.
Here is Benny asking Mum what it in her pocket (you can see me licking my lips and Stella is listening for sneaky thieves!)

Here is Stella trying her luck with the treat pocket and Benny is already eating his biccy!
I have got to say that they also have a big brother called Frank who is a German Shepherd, he's an old boy and was a bit grumpy with me coz I rushed up to see him.. anyway I'll post a pic of him next time I see him coz he's a nice old boy really.

By 'eck tis grim up north!

Thank goodness i didnt get my autumn strip this year!