Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's a busy life...

This is Brody - he's blurred coz he never sits still!

I've been busy since before Christmas helping Mum to walk Promise and Brody every morning. We've been taking them with us each day because Uncle Ian got himself bionic - his ankle is plastic now!! Coz of this big operation he has been stopping indoors and watching telly and not coming out walking or fishing or anything.
Mum has been rushing about tangling us all up every morning and trying to keep up wiv me and Brody coz we run really fast round the fields. Brody is brilliant at finding where the birds are hiding and making them fly up into the sky, Promise is brilliant at finding old potatoes and eating them (stinky girl)! She's also really good at finding water and spinning round and round in it.
Uncle Ian is getting really better now and he is walking about more, he's still watching telly but he can walk round the field now and soon he'll be zooming about on his bike and going fishing wiv me Dad! It's great to go to Ian's and play about wiv Promise and Brody...some days Buster comes too - that's Buster down there....we get up to all sorts of stuff - don't tell Mum but I sometimes go on the sofa and I'm not allowed to at home!

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  1. Well done MO. I think you are the 4th emergency service my pal.